Yell Practice

At precisely 12am before every Aggie football game, Aggies gather for Midnight Yell Practice. Yell Practice is a long-standing tradition of enthusiasm and Aggie spirit. The story goes that the first Yell Practice was held in 1932 when a few fish in the Cadet Corps had the idea that the students should gather together in order to motivate everyone for the upcoming football game. The seniors, as well as the Yell Leaders, couldn’t officially recognize the event, but they hinted that they would be present if such an event took place. In the end, the Yell Leaders, the Aggie Band and the Cadet Corps showed up at the YMCA Building on campus for the first ever Midnight Yell Practice.

When the Ags play at home, Yell Practice is at Kyle Field. If the Ags play on the road, Yell Practice takes place at a designated location in the town or area where the game is played. Yell Practice begins when the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band marches into Kyle Field, with the Yell Leaders carrying flaming torches. Thousands of students, former students, and fans make their way to Kyle Field where they gather together and "practice" yells and enjoy the camaraderie that Aggies hold so dear. During Midnight Yell, the crowd also sings The Aggie War Hymn and The Spirit of Aggieland. During Yell Practice, both a junior and senior Yell Leader tell a traditional Aggie fable (usually a good-natured jab directed at the opposing team and their fans) that fire up the Aggie faithful.

If the Aggie football team is outscored or runs out of time, fans remain in their seats at the stadium for a post-game Yell Practice. Tradition holds that a reason the team was unable to triumph on the turf was because the 12th Man may not have been loud enough in the stands and consequently need more "practice." Symbolically, the 12th Man remains for Yell Practice as a display of solidarity, as well as to show their support for the team.

At the end of Yell Practice, the lights dim at Kyle and fans "practice" kissing their dates. This prepares the 12th Man for the upcoming game and the time-honored tradition of kissing your date after every Aggie score. As the Aggie saying goes, "When the team scores, we score!" What a deal!